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5G Private Network Workshop for ORANGE EVENT

May 2022

The objective of this workshop was to present, to the different stakeholders, how a 5G private network can mutualise in a single full duplex channel all the wireless services needed to manage and mediate temporary events (sport, music festival, culture, entertainment, etc.).

5G Workshop for First Responders

March 2022

The objective of this workshop was to raise First Responders awareness of the possible deployment of a emergency situation private 5G network in order to restore full connectivity for all services.

Sanne Stijve, Global Business Development Director, Mission Critical Networks at ERICSSON, also presented various services a mobile telecom operator could deliver to the First Responder.

HEVC Ultra Low Latency test at EBU

March 2022

Presentation at EBU of our 4K HECV Ultra Low Latency codec combined with our 5G Modem.

We were able to validate a 60ms glass to glass latency, including the latency of our 5G Private Network.

Ski Worls Cup Lenzerheide PoC for SWISSCOM

March 2022

During this stage of the FIS Women World Cup, we demonstrated to SWISSCOM the benefit of using our 5G Private Network solution for sport events broadcasting and streaming.

IBC 2021 at home…

December 2021

After the cancellation of IBC 2021, NuLink SA presented its 5G product line at its headquarter. Around 80 broadcaster engineers and producers participated to the show.

Integration of 5G Modem on a still camera

Novembre 2021

Study with Laurent Gilliéron

on how to integrate a 5G Modem
on the NIKON D6.

A first trial confirmed that
a picture is available on any agency
cloud within 5 seconds through
our 5G Private Network deployed
on a venue and connected to internet.

Integration of 5G Modem on FOTOKIT

November 2021

Integration of a NuLink 5G Modem on the FOTOKIT captive drone deployed by First Responder.

This integration allows the drone to transmit live and thermal video to the command truck through our 5G Private Network.

Integration of 5G Modem and NDI camera on a drone

June 2021

Live video and all command information (full duplex) are managed in a single 20MHz channel of our 5G Private Network.

First 5G live production with TRICASTER 4K Mini

Decembre 2020

First trial of an indoor 5G multi-camera live production with TRICASTER 4K Mini Streaming on YouTube. We used a 50MHz channel in the B42.

LTE band available in Switzerland for 5G trial.


October 2020

Presentation of our 4G Private Network solution in different cities

5G NSA trial on SWISSCOM national network

July 2020

Test of our first 5G NSA modem on a portion of an highway covered by the national network.

4G trial at Villars venue (skicross)

January 2020

During this Olympic event, NuLink SA deployed its first 4G Private Network.


January 2020

On 1st of January 2020, we started our 5G Pro-Live project funded by the Swiss Innovation Agency with 1Mio EUR budget.

This project, led by NuLink SA, includes the following partners :


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