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We Are Your Reliable Partner and Best Provider for HEVC Ultra Low Latency compression and 5G technology

Related to the digitalization of the Broadcast industry, more and more wireless equipment is deployed every day for live audio-video content creation.

Existing devices become obsolete because users want the full duplex functionality of cables. But today, multiple radios and frequencies are needed to perform this function, while spectrum is becoming a scarce resource.

The market is demanding for new products, offering ultra-low latency and full duplex connectivity, using less spectrum, quick to set up and to operate by reduced operational crews.

This necessary migration and the emergence of new technologies is an opportunity to re-think the overall system and base the creation of live audio-video content on new emerging and powerful technologies.

NuLink sees HEVC Ultra Low Latency compression and 5G technology as the next generation wireless transmission tools that can overcome the limitation of RF technology for wireless ultra-low latency and full duplex transmissions and answer today’s market demands.
Both technologies open a whole new range of interesting features offering more immersive and interactive formats (360°, 4K, augmented reality, artificial intelligence, etc…), that have not yet been conceived and developed as existing wireless systems cannot deliver.

NuLink thereby identified a unique opportunity to further develop its 20 years of experience and reputation in the field of specialised wireless transmission solutions of audio and video for broadcast and Pro-AV applications.


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