Applications of our solutions

Based on the product line developed by NuLink SA, various applications can be addressed such as live radio production, live video production, law enforcement, emergency (flooding, earthquake, etc…).



Broadcasters hope that 5G can be used to improve technical and operational efficiency, increase flexibility, and reduce production cost.

5G is also hoped to enable new production workflows, in particular in news gathering, remote production, coverage of live events, and user engagement.


With Pro-Av market embracing 5G Private Networks – and their breakneck speeds, low latency, highly reduced lag, and next-gen connectivity capabilities – live streaming will evolve by leaps and bounds. Changing the way we both consume & create content, interact with the world, and bridge impossible distances to be ‘present anywhere, anytime.

Blue Lights

First Responder communications today are conducted via conventional radio networks and are limited to voice and messages.
First Responder communications of the future will be carried out via 5G Public Networks and will allow the transmission of files, photos and live video in addition to email.
Basing a national crisis network on 5G Public Networks has many advantages, but some risks should not be underestimated, such as :
  • Failure / sabotage of one or more operators.
  • Extraordinary event (floods, earthquake, cyber-attack, terrorism, etc.) leading to the disabling of public 5G networks, at the level of an antenna, a city, a region or the country.
In case of such a problem, the whole tactical communication system collapses!

Private 5G networks, integrated as a 5G TACTICAL BUBBLE, can be deployed in less than 20 minutes to restore the connectivity needed for First Responder operation on the field.

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