Member of EBU 5G Deployment

NuLink is an active member of the EBU project group 5G Deployments addressing technical and non-technical issues related to business arrangements, deployment models, and regulatory conditions for 5G mobile systems.

5G technology is currently at the advanced stage of standardization and pre-commercial trials. The technical performance of 5G systems will be superior to that of the earlier generations of mobile systems. Commercial deployments are expected to start soon, but large-scale coverage will take much longer to achieve.

It has been suggested that 5G might have a transformative effect on several industries including the audio-visual media sector. This could have a significant impact on EBU Members.

Beyond the technical aspects of 5G, EBU Members are increasingly interested in how 5G networks will be deployed and operated, and how broadcasters’ specific requirements can be met.


The principle objectives of this group are to:

  • Investigate possible and planned 5G deployment models, including models that are different from those traditionally adopted by telecommunications network operators.
  • Gain an understanding of network slicing and its possible role in enabling new business arrangements in content production and distribution.
  • Explore the potential of private networks and their relation to network slicing in content production and distribution.
  • Outline possible future scenarios for existing distribution networks and their possible relation with 5G.
  • Assist in the education of EBU Members of the potential benefits of 5G, as well as possible issues.
  • Liaise with other relevant EBU working groups and external stakeholders, in particular the industry.

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